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Beginners: Daily Routine_ to wake up@I wake up at 7am_ to eat@I eat cereal for breakfast_ breakfast@I have a big breakfast_ lunch@I have lunch at 1pm_ dinner@I usually eat dinner at home_ clothes@I put on my clothes_ to get dressed@I get dressed in a suit_ bathroom@I go to the bathroom after breakfast_ kitchen@I make my breakfast in the kitchen_ bedroom@My bedroom is very small_ shower@I have a shower at 8am_ to wash@I wash my face_ to drink@I drink a cup of tea_ to go to work@I go to work by bus_ to leave home@I leave home at half past 7_ to work@I work in a small company_ office@My office is in the city centre_ factory@I work in a factory_ car@I don't have a car_ bus@I take the bus every day_ to walk@I walk to the station_ bicycle@I use a bicycle every day_ train@I never get the train_ to start work@I start work at 9_ to finish work@I finish work at 6_ everyday@I go to the gym everyday_ weekend@I work at the weekend too_ to go to bed@I go to bed at midnight_ to watch TV@I watch TV for 2 hours_ internet@I love the internet!_ to read@I read a book when I go to work_ food@I love all types of food_ to go shopping@I go shopping once a week_ to travel@I love to travel_ to talk@I talk to my friends and family every evening_ to phone@I hate phoning strangers_ to meet@I meet my friends for a drink_ family@I have a big family_ to buy@I buy things on the internet_ to sleep@I sleep 7 hours each night_ friends@My friends live near me_ to study@I study everyday
Beginners: My Life_ to live@I live in a small town_ home@My home is very small_ bedroom(s)@We have 5 bedrooms_ to work@I work as a programmer_ to study@I don't study anymore_ job@I love my new job!_ family@I have a small family_ children@I don't have any children_ married@I am married_ single@I am single_ divorced@My parents are divorced_ mother@My mother loves to go skiing_ father@My father is a nurse_ to have brothers and sisters@I have 2 brothers and no sisters_ aunts and uncles@I have lots of aunts and uncles_ cousins@I don't have any cousins_ grandparents@I have three grandparents_ pets@I don't have any pets_ school@I left school 4 years ago_ university@I didn't go to university_ weekend@I do nothing at the weekend_ everyday@I go for a walk everyday_ usually@I usually cook dinner_ sometimes@Sometimes we go camping_ hobbies@I have lots of hobbies_ to enjoy@I enjoy swimming and writing_ holidays@We go on holiday once a year_ friends@My friends all love football_ best friend@My best friend wants to become a doctor_ sport@I play sport about twice a month_ exercise@I need to exercise more_ food@My favourite food is pasta_ cooking@I enjoy cooking very much_ shopping@I hate shopping_ car@I have an electric car_ public transport@Public transport is not good in my city_ bicycle@I am afraid to use a bicycle_ films@I love horror films_ books@I enjoy all types of books_ music@Music is very important for me_ internet@The internet is fantastic!_ games@I love to play board games!
Questions_ Can you...?@Can you swim?_ Would you ever like to...?@Would you ever like to write a book?_ Have you ever...?@Have you ever tasted crocodile?_ If I... would you...?@If I asked you your age, would you tell me?_ Do you know anybody who...?@Do you know anybody who is famous?_ Do you...?@Do you work hard?_ Do you think this year you will...?@Do you think this year you will change job?_ Had you ever...?@Had you ever flown before you were 12?_ When did you last...?@When did you last eat a pizza?_ Was it a...?@Was it a boring party?_ When do you think you will...?@When do you think you will get a promotion?_ What are you doing this...?@What are you doing this weekend?_ Did you...?@Did you go on holiday last year?_ Are you going to...?@Are you going to start any new hobbies soon?_ When did you...?@When did you learn to drive?_ Would you like a...?@Would you like a bit more time to answer?_ Why did you...?@Why did you tell him that?_ When will they...?@When will they arrive for the party?_ Could you please...?@Could you please explain what you meant?_ How often do you...?@How often do you do sport?_ How did you...?@How did you find out about that course?_ How many...?@How many books do you own?_ What did they...?@What did they do when you arrived?_ What is your favourite...?@What is your favourite meal?_ Could you...?@Could you play an instrument when you were a child?_ Were they...?@Were they angry about it?_ Should you ever...?@Should you ever lie to your best friend?_ When will she...?@When will she change her bad habits?_ What did you...?@What did you say when he did that?_ How far is...?@How far is from here to the coast?_ Can you remember when...?@Can you remember when you first started school?_ When can you...?@When can you get the work done for?_ Who did you...?@Who did you go on holiday with?_ Was he...?@Was he an interesting person?_ How often did you...?@How often did you eat out when you were there?_ What is the best...?@What is the best way to study a foreign language?_ When would you recommend that...?@When would you recommend that someone stops working?_ Was she...?@Was she always very political?_ Which is your favourite...?@Which is your favourite day of the week?_ Is there a...?@Is there a nice park near where you live?_ When do you think he will...?@When do you think he will start looking for a job?_ How can I...?@How can I be more organized?
Connectors_ and@I think work and luck are needed_ such as@A big country, such as Canada,..._ similarly@My dad taught me chess, and similarly I taught my children_ firstly... secondly...@Firstly, it's wrong and, secondly, it's too late._ but@I arrived but it was already finished._ meanwhile@Meanwhile the other residents are completely unhappy about it._ finally@And finally we get to the most interesting part..._ because@We did that because it was the cheapest option_ also@She is young and also very talented_ especially@It was a big problem especially when you consider..._ so@It was happening very fast so we had to..._ after@And after that they decided..._ likewise@And in a likewise manner we decided to..._ however@However, that was not the end of the story._ unless@We will be there on time unless there is some big problem_ as well as@All the teachers as well as half the students were..._ for instance@It was a big problem, for instance when she needed to..._ although@Although he worked hard, nothing changed._ next@And next we can talk about how it was resolved._ otherwise@The project was abandoned, otherwise it would have wasted even more money._ then@We had a meeting then implemented the best ideas._ for example@It was hated by some clients, for example all the consultants._ consequently@I arrived early and so consequently I had time to prepare._ in the case of@In the case of single parents, this is especially true._ in the same way@I studied English in the same way I had learnt Italian._ whereas@I was academic whereas my sister was very sporty._ as with@Yes, and with all babies at that age..._ furthermore@He was angry and furthermore was not going to calm down._ apart from@Well, apart from some initial problems, it went well._ instead of@Instead of resting, she decided to keep on going._ hence@I was ill and hence I stayed at home._ therefore@We were late and therefore invalid candidates._ as shown by@As shown by the declining sales figures..._ if@If that is the case, then..._ above all@And above all what we really must remember is..._ alternatively@Yes but alternatively we could do it without him._ too@And that would happen too!_ moreover@And moreover, the actions were illegal as well rude._ as long as@As long as we do X, we can do Y._ like@The main project, like most things here, will be a disaster._ on the other hand@On the other hand, we could..._ in particular@And in particular we should look at...
Conditionals (Present/Future)_ If I am late for work...@...I feel very stressed._ If I won the lottery...@...I would buy a new house!_ My best would hate me if I...@...I ever talked to their ex!_ My home would be perfect if only it had a...@...small balcony._ If you visit my hometown...@...you should visit the main square._ If you want to make a perfect...@...cup of tea, you need to add milk at the end._ What weather would surprise you today?@If it snowed!_ What news would surprise you today?@If that idiot admitted he was actually wrong!_ I will retire early if...@...things go to plan!_ I would retire early if...@...lots of things went my way._ If I was given a puppy for my birthday...@...I would be angry at first..._ If [x] rang me out of the blue...@If my old school friend rang me out of the blue, I would be amazed!_ I would ignore the call if...@...it was from my last partner._ I would kill anyone if...@...they tried to eat some of my chocolate._ I will [do] this at the weekend if...@I will go to the beach this weekend, if I finish my work._ I would [do] this at the weekend if...@I would go shopping this weekend, if my friend decided to come for once!_ If I met [someone famous]...@If I met Tom Hanks, my jaw would drop!_ What would make you happy today?@If my boss decided to not come in!_ What will make you happy today?@If it stops raining!_ If I wake up tomorrow at 9am...@...then I will be late for work!_ My teacher/boss would be happy if...@...I did all my work a day early._ I lose track of time if I...@...start watching TV._ I never sleep if...@...I drink coffee after lunch._ If someone hacked my....@...computer, I would panic!_ If there is no [x] in my fridge...@If there is no fresh water in my fridge, I blame my brother._ If sometime stole my [x]...@If someone stole my car, I would probably cry!_ My job would be perfect if...@...I could occasionaly work from home._ My day starts very badly if...@...I haven't slept very well._ If I can't get to sleep...@...I get up and drink some milk._ If I could start this year again...@...I would start to go jogging._ If I lost my phone today...@...I would be in trouble with my parents._ My neighbours would be angry if...@...I played loud music after 11pm._ My relatives would be surprised if...@...I changed my job._ If I had to move house...@...I wouldn't move very far._ If I could invent one thing...@...it would be pill to stay calm!_ If everything goes to plan...@...I will finish the project by Thursday._ I would be disappointed this week if...@...it keeps raining like this._ If you can't stand [x] in my city...@If you can't stand the traffic in my city, I recommend not travelling before 9am._ If the weather stays like this...@...it will be fantastic!_ This will be a great week if...@...my team win on Saturday!_ If I can finish work on time today...@...I will go for a drink with a friend_ My legs would ache...@...if I had to walk home.
Conditionals (Past)_ If I had woken up two hours earlier today...@...I would have gone back to sleep._ If I had gone to a different school...@...I would have never met my best friend._ My life would be very different if I had...@...chosen a different first job._ My health would be very different if...@...I had not had that car accident._ If I hadn't bought [x]...@If I hadn't bought my bicycle, I would still be using the bus._ If I had not [done x] last year....@If I hadn't had a holiday last year, I would have more money now._ I wouldn't have my job now if...@...she had not recommended me to her boss._ I wouldn't be living here now if...@...I had won the lottery - believe me!_ If I had not read about...@...Taoism, I wouldn't be so calm these days._ If I had not talked to...@...that woman at the party, I would never have known about it._ My home would be very different if...@...I had not redone the kitchen._ My outlook would be very different if...@...I had been born in a different country._ If I had been (even) more sporty at school...@...I wouldn't have had so much time to read all those books._ If I had studied (even) more at school...@...I would have been friends with all the boring kids._ Last week would have gone differently if...@...I had missed that meeting!_ Last month would have gone differently if...@...I had passed that test._ Last year would have gone differently if...@...I hadn't studied so hard and performed so well._ If I hadn't met...@...her, I would not be so happy now._ If I hadn't gone to...@...that conference, I would never have discovered the latest best practices._ If only I had [done x] then...@If only I had studied more at school, then I would have a better job now._ If only someone had told me earlier that...@...it's ok to say "No."._ I can't imagine my life now if I hadn't...@...started learning English!_ This morning would have been better if...@...I hadn't spilled that coffee!_ This morning would have been a disaster if...@...I had missed my train._ Yesterday would have been better if...@...my client had made an order._ Last week would have been a disaster if...@...that project had not been finished._ If I had won the lottery 5 years ago...@...I would probably still be working anyways!_ If I had known last year what I know now...@...I would not have sold my car._ My life would be incredibly different if they hadn't invented...@...the internet._ My life would be so much better if they hadn't invented...@...air conditioning on public transport._ If I had lost my phone yesterday...@...I would have gone crazy!_ If I had found a full wallet yesterday...@...I might have kept the money._ My hometown would be better now if...@...they hadn't built that new road._ My hometown would be worse now if...@...they hadn't started promoting it to tourists._ If I had stopped [doing x] earlier...@If I had stopped smoking earlier, I would probably be healthier now._ If I had started [doing x] earlier...@If I had started learning chess earlier, I would have beaten you yesterday._ This country would be better now if...@...they had built more roads years ago._ This country would be worse now if...@...they hadn't started protected the environment._ If I had arrived 5 minutes earlier to...@...the meeting, I wouldn't have gotten in trouble._ If I had arrived 5 minutes later to...@...the stadium, I would have missed the goal._ This world would be better now if...@...we had been more respectful of nature._ This world would be worse now if...@...we hadn't discovered so many medicines.
Phrasal Verbs (Daily life)_ wake up@I wake up at 8 in the morning_ get up@I get up as soon as I wake up_ put on@I put on my work clothes_ sit down@I sit down at the table for breakfast_ fill up@I fill up my coffee mug_ get ready@I get ready to leave_ go out@I go out of my house at 7am_ walk down@I walk down the stairs to my car_ go along@I go along the road_ get into@I get into work at nine thirty_ start up@I start up my computer_ write down@I write down my jobs to do_ cross off@I cross off the things I've done_ carry out@I carry out a number of checks_ talk about@I talk about it to my boss_ set up@I set up meetings_ go through@I go through all the paperwork_ plan out@I plan out my week in advance_ call back@I call back all the customers_ come up with@I come up with solutions to problems_ look into@I look into the best way to do things_ finish off@I finish off my work at 6_ switch off@I switch off my laptop_ meet up@I normally meet up with a friend_ turn up@They normally turn up late_ talk with@I talk with them about everything_ hang out@We hang out in coffee bars_ eat out@I eat out twice a week_ divide up@We divide up the bill normally_ end up@We end up staying out very late!_ travel back@I travel back home on the bus_ get in@I get in around 11pm_ turn on@I turn on the TV_ put away@I put away all my stuff lying around_ clear up@I clear up the dinner plates and things_ wash up@I wash up the pots and pans before I go to bed_ dry up@I dry up just the biggest things_ turn in@I turn in around 10pm_ take off@I take off my clothes and put on my pyjamas_ lie down@I go to sleep as soon as I lie down_ sit up@I sit up in bed and read_ doze off@I doze off around midnight
Conversation Fillers_ Well...@Well..I suppose that's ok._ it depends@Hmm.. it depends... if..._ you know@Oh, you know.. that guy..._ I guess@Well, I guess... maybe..._ so in other words@..so in other words what I mean is..._ Uhm...@Uhm... I.. I guess..._ However...@However, if we look at...._ by the way@Oh by the way, I think we should..._ You mean to say...?@You mean to say that the sales figures are..._ Really?@Oh really? I see... I think we need to..._ Er...@Err...Hmm.. that's interesting because..._ I suppose@Yes, I suppose that's true but..._ kinda@Yeah... kinda... I think my main..._ Oh yeah@Oh yeah, oh yeah - in fact we could..._ and so on@football, rugby and so on._ basically@Basically.. yes, I believe..._ hmmm...@Hmmm... that's interesting._ or something or rather@He was an accountant or something or rather._ It's like...@It's like a type of...pizza I guess._ I think that@I think that, hmmm, we could..._ that's right@That's right! That's exactly right!_ ok@Ok.. ok.... yes... uh huh... ok_ so...@So.... we were thinking..._ uh huh@Uh huh. Uh huh. Yes. Ok. Uh huh._ no way!@No way!... He said that? No way!_ like...@It's heavy, like, you know, kind of really difficult to carry._ I see@I see. Yep. Uh huh. Right. I see._ The thing is...@Well... the thing is... let me see..._ You're joking!@You're joking! No way! Seriously?!_ what I'm trying to say is@Well, what I'm trying to say is that they are..._ As I was saying...@Yes, and as I was saying the products really are..._ What a pity!@No. What a pity! Oh no!_ The basic idea is...@Right, the basic idea is this, if we..._ right?@They are wrong, right? I mean if we...._ Hold on, do you mean...?@Hold on, hold on, do you mean if we were to..._ Oh no!@Oh no! No way! Oh no really?_ like I said...@So...Like I said, if the train arrives at..._ wow!@Wow! Seriously! That's crazy! Wow!_ How awful!@Oh no! How awful! I'm so sorry._ The point is...@The point is this, looking at the data...._ to be honest...@Well, to be honest, I think if they..._ let me see@Right... let me see... the problem with that is...
Irregular Past Simple Verbs_ was/were@I was at the party, were you?_ became@I became a teacher last year_ began@I began the book on Sunday_ brought@They brought me a homemade lasagna_ bought@She bought me a wonderful present_ chose@I chose something cheap_ came@I came by car to work that day_ did@I did it twice last year_ drank@I drank it as soon as I woke up_ ate@I ate pizza for dinner last night_ fell@I fell down a hole and broke my leg!_ felt@I felt ill and she felt tired_ forgot@I forgot to tell you yesterday that..._ got@I got this in the sales last month_ gave@They gave me their email but it was wrong!_ went@I went to the supermarket first_ had@I had a great time yesterday, thank you!_ heard@I first heard about it last year_ knew@I knew his name because I had met him before_ left@The train left the station at six fifteen_ lost@I lost my phone and I couldn't call you_ made@I made a lot of mistakes in the exam!_ met@I met you at the bus stop, remember?_ paid@I paid for the last meal we had._ put@I know I put in my bag! It's gone!_ read@I read the newspapers all day yesterday_ ran@I ran there as fast as I could_ said@I said nothing because she was very angry_ saw@She saw how upset I was_ sold@We sold everything and moved to Italy_ sent@They sent me an email but..._ sang@When I was young, I sang this song every day_ sat@I sat in my seat and looked out of the bus window._ slept@I slept for 12 hours on Saturday_ spoke@He spoke to me in French, I think._ stood@I stood there while she was walking about_ took@I took a break and then the answer came to me!_ taught@She taught me history at school_ told@They told me I wasn't good enough._ thought@I thought she looked very tired._ understood@We understood immediately that something was wrong_ wrote@I wrote her a poem
Common Activities_ eat at a restaurant@at a cafe,bar,diner_ play video games@play board games, card games, word games_ read a book@ a magazine, an article, a comic_ get food delivered@ get shopping,pizza,water delivered_ play a sport@ play football,rugby,basketball_ have a lie in@to stay in bed_ go shopping@...for shoes,clothes,music_ do the shopping@ at a market,supermarket,local shop_ surf the internet@aearch online, browse the web_ speak to your friends@chat with, talk to, gossip with_ send a message@ an email, a letter, an sms_ stay up late@stay up past my bedtime_ skip a meal@skip breakfast,lunch,dinner_ hang out with friends@spend time with, be with, hang around with_ watch a film@a video, a documentary, a show_ listen to music@to the radio, to a podcast, to audio books_ get dressed up@put my best clothes on_ watch sport@follow sport, do sport, take up a sport_ draw a picture@paint a picture_ have a snack@ a bite to eat_ ride a bike@a motorbike, a horse, a wave_ cook dinner@make,prepare,do dinner_ go for a walk@for a stroll, to stretch your legs, get some air_ do the housework@do the chores_ cook something special@...by pulling out all the stops_ go on holiday@go on a break, a weekend away, a vacation_ go away for the day@ go on a day trip_ pay the bills@gas bill, water bill, electricity bill_ do nothing@be up to nothing, just hanging, lazing around_ read a newspaper@read the latest news, _ go to the dentist@to the doctor, to the vet, to the optician_ take a train@take a taxi, a bus, a plane_ go for a drive@go for a ride, a swim, a walk_ learn something new@a new skill, a new activity, a new of doing something_ go for a run@a workout, a long bike ride, a hike _ go to the gym@to the library, to the pool, to the museum_ have a long lunch@a quick lunch, have lunch on the go, lunch at my desk_ sing in the shower@to hum music, to whistle a tune_ talk to yourself@to verbalise ideas_ play with toys@play with Lego, dolls, cars_ play a game@on your own, with others, as a team_ do gardening@weeding, planting, pruning