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It is difficult to compare many options at once!
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...until you just have ONE WINNING DECISION!!

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Next Language Activity?_ Review my grammar notes@is this useful?_ Do my study cards@Try and do this every day!_ Prepare for my next lesson@That includes setting up Vocab Prompter words to use_ Do my homework@Do it sooner rather than later_ Read a new article@And make notes!_ Listen to a podcast@I can do this when I go for a walk_ Memorize a longer sentence@Use Sentence Memorizer to really learn a new structure or two!_ Speak to myself for 10 minutes@Get a random question and just answer it!_ Write a short piece@Then get it corrected_ 15 minutes of SHADOWING!@Worth it, try to do daily!_ learn a new song@choose one from my list of good songs!
My Next Language_ Chinese@I think I mean Mandarin, not sure what I mean... find out!_ Irish@It's in my blood!_ Korean@Looks so funky!_ Sign Language@Something so different, would really open my eyes to new things!_ French@I used to do at school_ Sicilian@It's endangered and is definitely considered separate to Italian_ Arabic@I need to discover more about the varieties of Arabic, what are the differences_ Xhosa@Sounds so distinctive and challenging!_ Vietnamese@The idea of a tonal language is so intriguing!_ Spanish@Would mean I could speak to so many people around the world - and here!_ Italian@Sounds so fun!
What to have for dinner?_ Pizza@But need to find a new restaurant_ Curry Laksa@Need to buy the seafood though..._ Lasagna@Call mum to make it?_ Kebab@Not too spicy though!_ Golden Palace set menu@so good - especially the chicken and cashew nuts!!!_ Aglio e peperoncino@quick and dirty - always good_ Meat and salad@so lazy_ Chick peas soup@Yum but need to start early_ Chicken Curry@Could defrost that chicken thigh in the freezer?_ Simple salad@Go for the healthy option!!_ Fry the fridge@Just put anything I find (or need to eat ASAP) in a big pot
What to do?_ Forget@yep_ Call@Are you sure?_ Complain@Oh what a hassle!_ Talk about it@Yeah but who?_ Think about it@As if I need to tell myself to do that!_ Go for walk@can help!_ Sleep on it@Yeah why do today what I can do tomorrow!_ Scream@VENT & RELEASE!!_ Just be honest@Honesty is the best policy_ Turn defense into attack@Don't take this lying down!_ Forgive@Everyone's human right?